Physical/Mailing Address for Parcels or Freight:
20221 Stubener Airline Road
Box 16/Hangar X-14
Spring, Texas 77379   
Telephone: (281) 744-3001

Facsimile: (281) 257-2601 (Yes, people still use them!)

. . . or come by for a cold beer:

TECHNICAL SUPPORT-LIVE HELP                                                                          

Too many years working on warbirds leaves lots of knowledge - or empty space!  Call, fax, or email me at                  

HAPPY WITH YOURS . . .OR NOT?                                                                         

I want to hear about that too!  Send me positive and negative feedback . . .I can handle it (I hope).  Email me at

DIFFICULTY REPORTS                                                                                            

Our goal is a quality product that works as it should and lasts.  If you are experiencing difficulty with any of our items, please feel free to contact us.  I want to know what my customers are having problems with so I can fix it!  Please email me at

REPLACEMENT PARTS                                                                                           

We carry a full line of replacement parts for nearly every kit.  Call, fax, or email us for a quote. For more information:

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