WRIGHT OIL SCREEN FIXTURE                                                                             

A tool designed to hold and compress both the main (pressure) screen, and the scavenge screen (if equipped) on many Wright engines, including the R-1820.  This tool comes in a kit bag complete with snap-ring pliers.

WRIGHT PUSH ROD TUBE WRENCH                                                                    

A handy compact wrench to fit the push rod tube gland nuts on Wright engines equipped with such.  Double ended with teeth “staggered” to assist in those tight spots.  This wrench replaces the extinct Wright 804964 and 804965 wrenches.

RETURN OF THE BOB GRANT WASHERS                                                            

Anyone that has tried to put the fairings on a NAA Aircraft with off the shelf Tinnerman washers knows that the No. 8 Tinnerman washers just do not look or fit right and, a No. 8 screw used in a 10 washer looks and fits terrible !  So, . . .Bob Grant, long time N.A.A. Guru and all around good guy, made stainless steel washers that look and fit better than the original shake-proof units. 

Basically,they are a No. 10 size Tinnerman washer with a dimple for a No. 8 screw.  They were out of production for a while, but they are coming back!  If you have a North American Aircraft, you need these washers !


JPI  FUEL FLOW ADAPTERS FOR THE PD SERIES CARBURETORS                                    

I manufacture adapters to take the place of the discharge line connections on your PD series carburetor. Made from Stainless. P.O.R.

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il screen tool... on MANY Wright engines, including the R-1820...