OTHER KITS                                                                                                         

We offer a wide variety of specialty kits.  While most were designed for the T-28 we can adapt or custom make different kits for nearly any application. 

OIL HEATER KITS                                                                                                    

Warm oil goes hand in hand with pre-oiling!  Let us custom make one for you. 

MYSTERY KITS                                                                                                       

Have an idea for a convenience item for your aircraft type?  Let us build one for you!

THE ON BOARD MULE                                                                                            

If your aircraft has a hydraulic system, you are a candidate for an on-board mule.  An on-board mule is a standby hydraulic pump that ties into the ships hydraulic system to provide auxiliary and emergency hydraulic operations.  Sure beats the hand pump!  Great for operating canopies, bomb bay doors or performing gear swings during inspection cycles.  Let us design one for you.

  Don't see YOUR aircraft?  We can build a kit for you. 
Contact us for more details.