ABOUT DARTON AVIATION. . .                                                                               

Darton Aviation was born as a result of one man’s desire to prove that radial engines do not have to leak oil.  Dave Clinton’s Clean Kit set the industry standard, and it's currently used worldwide today.  Clean kits were developed for many radial engine applications; with a variety of other kits such as Pre-Oil kits and Oil Tank Heaters, Darton Aviation continues to set the standard for the market. 

In 2000, Darton Aviation and the T-28 Ground School Programs were sold.  Victoria Air Maintenance purchased the Darton Aviation Kits and Courtesy Aircraft operates the ground school.  In 2007, I purchased all remaining Kit assets and enginnering from Victoria Air Maintenance.  With this acquisition, my goals are to support all in service kits, supply new kits,  improve existing ones and develop new products.

Thank you in advance for your support and continue to fly safe.

Mike Muraski, Owner
“The Original Clean Kit”