Welcome to Clean-Kit.com, your source for information relating to the Darton Clean Kit, as well as other Darton Aviation Kits. We are very excited to offer these great products and other new items to come.

Keep checking back as we will be adding new products and features to make flying and maintenance easier.
     " . . . the original Clean Kit"         
NOT JUST CLEAN KITS                                                                                           
We offer pre-oil systems, oil tank heaters, stand by hydraulic systems (On Board Mule), specialty tools and products. For more information or if you have questions, please email Mike Muraski at info@clean-kit.com
PRICING NOTE  I do not put pricing info on the web page because I like to talk to my customers.

 WARBIRD MAINTENANCE                                                                                     

I have been maintaining Warbirds since 1985. Experience ranging from "Jenny's to Jets". Contact me with your questions or specific requirements.

VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE                                                                             

Darton Aviation has made kits for a large variety of aircraft including the A-26, Albatross, Avenger, B-25, Bearcat, Convair, Howard DGA, PBY, Sea Fury, Skyraider, Staggerwing, Twin Beech, T-6, P-51 and Yak just to name a few.  We can certainly accomodate your request.

CUSTOM KIT CUSTOMERS                                                                                    
In the past Darton Aviation offered “custom kits”. We will continue to support and develop these kits as demand requires. Please send us your inquiry for type specific ideas or products.

STANDARD CATEGORY                                                                                          

Darton Aviation has worked with customers to help obtain approval on a variety of aircraft. Feel free to contact us with your needs.

NEW IDEAS WANTED                                                                                              
Is there a special tool you wish you had or a special part you can’t find? Send me your “wish list” and if there is enough demand, serious consideration will be taken into manufacturing or carrying them in stock.

FEEDBACK  WELCOMED!                                                                                       
In the support section, there is a link to forward any problems, concerns, etc., you or your mechanic may have with these kits. I will try my best to answer each one. If this feature proves popular we may create a blog to share this insight with everyone. Please do not hesitate to use this feature.

Visit clean-kit.com for more information and new features coming soon!